New project!

Since being ill with long covid, I’ve struggled to get my head together for academic posts. I have, however, finally found the impetus to write some biographical fiction about my family which I will post here. It takes the form of short stories – two so far – about the ordinary and extraordinary lives of some of the women in my family and I plan to write lots more of them. I’m not sure yet whether I’ll focus entirely on women; I’ll see how the mood takes me.

I’ve changed the names of the people in the stories but they are based, more or less loosely, on actual events. The first, ‘Esther’, is about my maternal grandmother, and the second, Sally, about one of her sisters. I have tried to ‘imagine into’ their lives rather than just relate the facts.

I haven’t fully refined my style yet so I’d be grateful for any feedback, positive or constructive!

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English teacher, Classics PhD, teenaged boys and dogs

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