Sophie Raudnitz is a tragic geek

I am an English teacher at a UK school with a PhD in ancient Greek literature, exploring the role of memory in the formation of political society across Homeric epic, tragedy (primarily Euripides’ Trojan Women) and Plato’s Apology and Theaetetus. You can find it here if you’re interested: Raudnitz – Thesis.pdf (open.ac.uk). If you’d like a taste, you could read my post on ‘Complete forgetting and the wax tablet’. I started this blog as a way of articulating some of the ideas which percolate as I’m teaching, sometimes to help pupils and sometimes for my own interest.

Please excuse my weird photo: in this age of Teams teaching, it was the only half decent, recent one I could find. Do, however, admire my ‘Bookish’ necklace by @wearandresist !

You can follow me on Twitter @seraudnitz

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