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Esther – earlier

Esther – earlier The table was large but even so, on this Friday evening, with the number of people squeezed around it and the half empty plates and dishes that littered it, it seemed not nearly large enough. Ruth, Esther’s sister-in-law, brandished a piece of golden baklava on her fork and as she held forth…


Sally closed her mother’s bedroom door quietly and as she stood in the darkness of the hallway, felt the weight of exhaustion descend. After they had watched the tail lights of the police car disappear around the corner, Hannah had allowed herself to be put back to bed without complaint but also without apology. Unwilling…


(TW domestic violence) The Dunhill she’d lit sat in the dip of the ashtray. She got through a pack a day but barely took three puffs of each, liking the ritual and the smell as they burned though not really the act of smoking itself. Tonight, though Esther had craved it, the cigarette turned her…

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