An update of sorts

It has been ages since I posted anything and this is frustrating!

As the Easter holiday draws to a close, I finally feel recovered enough after the onslaught of last term to start thinking about writing again. Today, I put together some thoughts about ‘the perfect lady’ in Wharton’s The House of Mirth which I’d like to develop into a blogpost, simply because there do not seem to be many useful resources of this type around on the web. I’ve also been thinking for ages about writing something about the ‘wise fool’ on Feste in Twelfth Night and Plato’s Socrates in the Apology. Unfortunately, there isn’t really time to do justice to either now and who knows what the next term will bring with its raft of assessments and TAGs amongst all the other summer term fun?

I haven’t forgotten about the blog, however, and hope to be writing a ‘proper’ post again soon.

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English teacher, Classics PhD, teenaged boys and dogs

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